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Geni Oby 3 - Dead?!


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Yet another problem with the Obys..... Geni has a good reputation! B-)


anyway.... last night we were programming our show and it worked fine, then it randomly homed and stopped working, took it apart this morning to check all connections and everything, nothing.


The fixture turns on and the fans spin, but the LED display is not lit, the head tries to move but it makes a horrid grinding sound and it only moves a couple of mm jaggedy.


I have checked the dipper switches to control motors when lamp is lit and they are all in the correct positions, doesnt respond to DMX, it seems as if it wont self test when turned on at all.


Thing is we need it by friday again, one of them is working but we really need the two of them!!!


Many thanks and any suggestions!?


Jack :D

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