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Optoma EP 759 help!?


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Hi there, just wondered if anyone on here may have some advice before I go taking this to a company to be repaired.

I have an Optoma EP759 DLP projector, its been working perfectly since we had it with no problems until last weekend, the unit wouldnt power up, the lights in the projector came on, but nothing from the bulb, so we tried changing the bulb for a brand new bulb, this worked then for the evening, next day same problem.

Now the unit when powered on the lamp looks like it tries to strike, you get a flicker from the bulb then it goes, then it seems like the projector re-boots and this cycle continue's.

The projector gets weekly use, but its usually within a Church/conference environment so it doesnt get abused.

Any ideas here? is this a common problem?





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