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Update to Terms and Conditions


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For some time the Blue Room has been seen in some quarters to be 'anti-business' - not being supportive to those members who work for the manufacturers and suppliers. To try and address this we have now made some changes to our T&Cs to clarify where we stand and make it easier for members to know where the boundaries lie.


We would like to affirm the fact that we value all our members, including those who work as suppliers and manufacturers and welcome all input to the site.


If anyone has any questions or comments on the new T&Cs please either start a thread in issues or PM me or another moderator/Administrator.


The new advertising t&cs read as follows:




Advertising is not allowed on The Blue Room forums except for some limited

advertising in the 'Commercial' section, which consists of the 'Classified'

and 'Commercial Announcements' forums.


'Classifieds' is a service to allow Blue Room Members to advertise kit for

sale, equipment wanted to buy, situations vacant and special offers for BR members.

Please refer to the pinned topic "Terms and Conditions for the use of these

forums" in the Classifieds forum for more information.


'Commercial Announcements' is a forum where commercial members whose main

business is the sale or hire of entertainments industry related goods or services

may advertise, subject to a prior payment being made via the subscriptions system


Both Commercial forums are pre-moderated. Further information on how to use

them is detailed at the top of each one, please read it before posting.


In the non-commercial forums, members may direct users to their company, or post regarding their products in certain situations, these include:

- Technical support, when another user has posted a question about their product

- Assistance with locating a specific product, when a user has specifically requested information on that product

- Rebutting or commenting on criticisms/compliments on your companies products or services, as long as your views are backed up with suitable points (you should not just post ‘our products are great so there’)

- Post information about updates to your product to the ‘software release forum’ following the appropriate guidelines

- Make appropriate use of the other ‘commercial’ areas of the site.

- Use the 'Training and Qualifications' forum to post information on free training events for your products or services


Members should specifically not use the forum to post the following types of reference to their products (note that these are guidelines only and the Blue Room reserves the right to refuse posts other than these if deemed appropriate)

- Start a thread purely to discuss the benefits or availability of a new product (users should consider the ‘Commercial Announcements’ area for this purpose

- Start a thread to complain about a competitors products or services, or engage in a ‘Slanging Match’ about your or another companies products or services

- Post irrelevant information about your products or services in an existing thread


If any user has a question about whether a post is suitable before they make it, then they should contact a moderator to seek advice before posting.


Many thanks



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