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mini 575 hmi search light


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hello to all !


can anyone help?


I am looking for about 4 small search lights I have 2 already these are 575 hmi's they were at plasa about 4 years ago at trade for about £150 each, these were not meant for outside use as not really ip rated but they do the job.(model no. p-1428) I think pear river but they say no.


I am looking for these asap as its for bridgwater carnival on friday!!! a charity based thing based in somerset( have a look if you can at the official website) worth a look


if anyone can help its for a local club and I,m just trying to help.


anyone local on friday call me and pop in for coffee.


ta chives 0779 555 88 26

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will try but the club has had the two I had and fitted them into the cart (float).

they look just like a small space flower- ballast box on the bottom with 2 cables one for power to the lamp , the second gives power to the motor for pan operation. on the top is a light tube which holds the lamp with a rotating disk with little mirrors attached to project the multi beams.


if I can get a pic and someone can help then great.


but if not, it was worth a try.

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