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Hey all

last year at wellington country park there was a concert and a very kind ;) tech (I'm not saying other techs are nasty you are all really helpful) let me use his lighting desk (under his supervision) but cannot remember what it was...

I can briefly describe it...

it had red, blue sub master faders

white master faders

buttons along the right hand side on which you can 'edit' your fixtures 'pan&tilt, colour, gobo and one or two other buttons

and wheels to control the pan, tilt, colour, or gobo.


as soon as I get the photo off the computer it is on I will post it... it is only a shot from behind so sorry.





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Was it a November gig? If so it may have been me. I had a Pearl 2000 down there.....



no it was a july gig and the tech had a load of pars (old classics for rock concerts), a mirror ball, 3 blinders and a load of mac 250 entors or kryptons and a smoke machine



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