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Brentwood Chair Hire


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I am stage managing a production and we are looking to hire 26 Brentwood chairs for a run of 6 weeks commencing 17th November.


They need to look something like this:



although we are flexible.


There is some budget for the hire cost and we can arrange collection if close ish to London.


Does anyone have any ideas where I might be able to get them from


Any help much appreciated.

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Are those style of chairs not called 'bentwood'?


A quick google for 'brentwood' threw up many different styles with the moniker brentwood, none of which looked like those pictured.


If you google 'bentwood' however, you get many hits. I would look at talking to a pub furniture supplier. I'm sure they have thousands of used chairs what with all those pubs going under since the smoking ban!






edit to add link to London based pub furniture dealer

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I will try the pub route thanks.


I googled brentwood, thats how I found the picture in the OP but now having googled and e.bayed bentwood I have found loads aswell.


Thanks for the input









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just called the number on the link


looks like the guy might be able to help us out!


thanks muchly! Blue-room working as it should!! ;)

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