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Using Different Thimbles on Cables


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I have a shed load of 4mm Galvanised steel wire rope and a load of 6mm thimbles, can I use the two together, with the proper Aluminium ferrules, to make some lightweight flying cables? I know you can't use smaller thimbles than 4mm as the bend in the rope is then too big, but surely there isn't a problem the other way round?

Any advice would be gratefully received.




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A few points to make:


Negative Points:

1) 4mm Thimbles are very cheap in the big scheme of things.

2) There is no such thing as a lightweight flying cable. There should only be a flying cable rated to take a specified SWL (in an ideal world).

3) On a larger steel wire rope, the thimble does a very important job of supporting the cores of the cable around its inside face.

The thimble is designed to hold the profile of the cable, as a load is applied.

4) You know that you've done this, but how about others in the future?

5) Why would manufacturers bother to make different sized thimbles for different dia cables?


Positive Points:

1) Cheap (you already have the bits).

2) The cable ends will be better protected by using these thimbles then just using a soft eye.

3) run out of positives...


My advice when it comes to rigging hardware is to always be very cautious, so speak to someone who knows:


Try Splicing & Allied - Tel: 01784 464447



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