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'XXL Inside' sound equipment


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The XXL website doesn't give you much information and I've never come across the company before, has anyone else? Does anyone have any views on their products? A search of the BR only came up with one post that mentioned XXL mics.


My little review...

Earlier in the year I was trying to get hold of the AKG 'Drum Set Big II' before their prices shot up. To cut a long story short the company failed to supply the AKGs but instead offered me the XXL XD01 7 piece drum mic set to try for a month :unsure: .


The XD01 set consists of:

4x XC98 miniature cardioid condenser clip-ons for snare/toms

2x XC97 cardioid condensers for overheads

1x XC12 dynamic 'egg'


With a RRP of £399 the cost per mic is quite low but not as low as some of the copies that come from the far east. I was a little unsure at first where to class these mics, would they be cheap copies or their own design? So far I've used them for recording and have been very impressed by the sound, granted my ears are still 'in training' but I've heard alot worse! I'm still waiting for a chance to try them 'live'.


General Notes on the XD01 Set:

Comes in a very well padded box.

The XC97 (overheads) are very useful mics to have in your box when not used for the kit, more useful than the C1000s I would have got with the AKG set!

The clips on the drum mics aren't as secure as the AKG C518M but they are much quicker to fit and will clip onto most instruments (I'll be trying them for sound on various brass and reed instruments shortly).

Also, like the C518M the drum mics are very low profile and don't get in the way of the drummer!


Having paid £219 for this 'budget' set I'm now very glad that I had the opportunity to test them as they do what I need and more! (The AKG set was originally at £450ish but is now around £1100 so my bank account is happy as well!)


So, has anyone else come across this brand?

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for anyone else posting here


I was booked by a special needs home to DJ in their "nightclub" on Friday, I was already booked but I could squeeze it in before the main gig. I showed up and the kit was mainly XXL (didnt say inside th ough) having never heard of them, I had an open mind, The CD Player was very poor and the speakers were 100% clones of JBL Eons (aesthetically) although terrible sound!)


so perhaps anyone else posting here could clarify if this is the same company? Having never heard of either

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