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Vite Light Kit


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Guest lightnix
...not sure how impressive/bright they will be.

I haven't seen them, but for less than £100, I think they will be neither :D


I also think the fact that this seller only offers a 30 day warranty on them says something, too: AVOID !!! :unsure:

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The site says they use 300w lamps, and that's a standard wattage for effects lights like those. I'm not sure if the brightness varies between 230v and 120v lamps. The question is how good are the optics? It won't really mean anything if they don't work! I would avoid these.



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these type of lights always waste so much light its ridiculous


its a capsule lamp, so alot of the light is wasted by illuminating all angles


yet a 100w effect with a dish would be brighter!


theres a couple of firms selling their B Grades (ex-demo) versions cheap, suggesting that they arent great and shops are trying to move them on


as always, it depends what you intend to use them for, but I wouldnt expect miracles!

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