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Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama

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Hi all


The time has come again to look at universities.


This time its glasgow looking at the TPA course, more specifically the tech pathway.


Has anyone had any experience of this or is there any tutors nocking around on the boards.


Anyone going to the open day from the BR too? Im on slots 1 and 3.





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Hey Dunc!


I have just started 1st year in the TPA course. I am really enjoying it so far, everyone seems really open to your ideas and really enthusiastic. I have classes on friday, but I might be involved with the open day so I might see you about (don't know how I will recognise you!). I am sure you will like the RSAMD.



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I graduated in 2006. Glad I did it, inasmuch as I had fun, but it has some serious shortfalls - you will be taught by some staff who have never worked professionally in the industry, ever, for one. The course leader also forwards emails looking for crews who will work for 'experience' not money, which is not why any of us chose to obtain degrees, so it is a pity that the Academy perpetuates this practise. Fair enough when you're an inexperienced student maybe, but sending such emails to five years of alumni is just insulting. I worked there briefly upon graduating, and was told explicitly that my degree wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. I did raise this issue with them, several times, but they let it lie. The hypocrisy and politics of the place beggar belief.


On the distinctly-minimal plus-side, the carpentry lecturer and tutors they currently employ are second-to-none - experienced, knowledgable and friendly, helpful guys - so if set-building interests you I'd highly recommend it. In terms of location it is in the heart of Glasgow, I love this city and whatever music/ scenes you are into you will find places to go. But recommending an institution based purely on its geographical location is not much of a recommendation...


Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I did the course, but I'm also very glad I did it when I did, owing to the people I studied with and the (in my opinion detrimental) changes to the course since.

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