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Mac 500 Problem


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One of our Mac 500s appears to have developed a problem, and I wonder whether anyone can help diagnose the fault, before we spend valuable resources on service. The light powers up fine, but the problem begins once the lamp is struck, a loud buzz is emitted from the base of the unit and I believe there is increased heat coming from the the head. It was suggested to me that it could be the ballast. The fault only starts after the lamp striking process so I presume if the ballast had gone completely the lamp would not fire at all, so is this a sign of the part going faulty? And if this was the case what would be your recommendations?


Or are my thoughts completely wrong?



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sorry sounds like a ballast. The options are (a) live with the noise till ballast fails competely or (b) fit new ballast.


I have a MAC600 with the same - but as the noise levels are high where it is located I have taken the approach of going "sod it"

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