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hand held smoke


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Hi all,


We are looking for a way to produce smoke or fog from the sleeves of one of the ghosts in our production of Christmas Carol. I have looked at the Tiny Fogger and it doesn't look like it's user friendly for building into a costume.


Someone mentioned something called a 'smoke disk' but I can't find anything about that so far. I have an ATF license for pyro if it gets into that area.


Can one still find smoke in an aerosol can?


hmmmm. Any other ideas? Thanks for thinking about this.





...from a regional theatre in the states - This will make 27 years we've been doing Christmas Carol - over 1100 performances. One of these days we'll get it right! :)

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Hi there


Have you looked at the tiny CO7? It's more compact than the original tiny fogger and is "all-in-one" rather than sererate pieces that work together.




There is the option of smoke in a can but I've never been impressed by any that I've seen.



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Thanks for the ideas and pointers. For a couple reasons both ideas have problems for our application. We're going to fall back on our 'old school' plain old foggers. We'll blow fog up his hem before going onstage and some will be 'dripping' out of the sleeves at the initial reveal.





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