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Radio Mic System Recommendation

Mark Everson

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Foudn this forum whilst googling information on radio microphones.


I organise and run an annual Xmas pantomime at my Rugby Club. Over the years we've gradually expanded our equipment and we currently have 3 vhf radio mics and two UHF.

The VHF are Audio Technica and the frequencies are 173.800, 174.600 and 175.000 Mhz. They seem to work without any issues (barring the odd interference here and there). Two years ago we added a KAM dual UHF receiver with beltpack transmitters. The frequencies of these two are 864.3 and 863.3 Mhz.

This year we are going to need more microphones. Ideally I would like to add 4 more UHf to this list. I fully understand the licence requirements from other threads on this board and the club committee will pay for the £75 annual shared mic licence.

I wanted to ask your advice on what system to purchase based on our budget.

A music shop in Cardiff pointed me in the direction of the Ashton AMW 400 which is a quad UHf receiver with beltpack/headset and or handheld combos available. It retails at £569. I cannot find much information on the net regarding the frequencies of the 4 microphones, but as it has '160 channels' does this mean I will be able to tune the microphones to any of the frequencies covered in the licence?

I.e 854 to 862 Mhz?

Pardon my ignorance but my understanding of the frequency settings is not brilliant.


If you have any other recommendations of a system in the same price bracket that could add 4 more UHf mics I'd be happy to listen.


Many thanks in advance



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