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ShowMaster24 Delete code


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I have just bought a Showtec Showmaster 24 and I am having countless problems with the codes required to record and erase. :)


I have discovered the alternative codes for Recording ie. 1568




However the code to erase all programs is given as 1323 and it is no longer working.


Does anyone have an alternative master erase code?


Many thanks


Gav. :P

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Hello Gavin and welcome to the Blue Room.


Coincidentally, I was :P ing the Blue Room for exactly this while you were posting.


This Post - Showmaster 24 How to set Factory defaults has useful advice.


A quick Google will bring up more info, (we are not alone with this), and Nicodemus found that 1668 worked and then found it on the back of his console. I shall check the back of mine this evening, and report back.


Meantime have a trawl through the previous posts as there is much of interest (incl links to the manual in English.)



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