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Electrically operated Screen

Pete Alcock

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I'm trying to find a company that can provide the following:


1. A custom made screen (for back projection) about 8' x 6' with probably about 10' of black additional material above the actual screen area. This is because it has to hang down into the chancel of a church which has a high ceiling.


2. An electrically operated roller-winch to hoist the above screen, up and out of the way when the service doesn't need projection.


I've scoured google and found countless standard wall screen distributors but can't find any real experts who are interested in a custom screen job (in the UK, obviously).


Anyone any clues or suggestions?





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Give Hall Stagea call. They do tab tracks, screens etc. Charles Haines (very nice man) is the person you need to talk to on +44 (0)845 345 4255.

Indeed, Charles is a contributor to this very site as the Hall Stage company rep. His user ID is "Chas at Halls", and you can send him a Personal Message by clicking here.

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Try Tim Perrett who's a member on the board, at www.pinkfish.tv , as he's sorted that kinda stuff out for churches before, or Sixth Sense ( www.6thsensesolutions.co.uk ) based in Reading sister company with Soundfoundation ( www.soundfoundation.com ) who did our church video install very nicely. Ask for Craig and mention Pete McCrea.
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