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Barco CLM R10+ fcb error


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I am becoming fairly well acquainted with Barco CLM R10, having been touring with six of them for the past 3 months.


Over recent weeks I have been occasionally getting an message that says that there is an 'fcb error' with one of the units. There has not been any obvious effect on the image output so it can't be too serious, but still rather annoying that it isn't working properly evidently.


I searched the manual for the code but it does not give a definition for fcb, only that it exists! Google through up no answers either.

Can anyone 'throw any light' on this for me? (sorry for the pun - couldn't resist!)

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I'm sure Barco will follow this up but here's a few ideas for anyone else.


The 'fcb' is the Fan Control Board. This error is really rubbish cos it doesn't really say what's wrong. The latest software version is 01.07.11 and this provides more accurate info. REALLY IMPORTANT don't put this version on until you have changed the lamp info cables, it's an FOC fix from Barco.


Basically there was a manufacturing error from a Barco supplier which meant the lamp info cables weren't heat proff enough, this caused the cables to melt. So a few issues from this problem then.


1 - In the latest software the projector now does a check to see if all lamps are present before striking, if it can't see all 4 it won't strike. Doesn't matter if a lamps blown it just needs to se something filling the hole in the integrator. If the cables are melted it won't see the lamp so won't strike.


2 - I had this 'fcb' error on a recent clients projector running an old software version and it wouldn't strike. I looked inside and it was a mess!! All the cables had melted into the lamp pcb's and onto each other. Don't know why the error was 'fcb'' obviously very confused mixed messages coming from the lamps. When you soft power it on it runs checks in an order, I found it would cut out just after the formatter check right before the 'fcb' board check to fire the fans for the lamps. Maybe this is why it produces the 'fcb' error.


Check the cables are the new ones. You can tell by lifting the lamp cover and looking at the cables plugged into the lamps. Old ones are White and flat with black heat shrink on them. The new ones are very thin and cream in colour. Once they're changed or the new ones are present update to firmware 01.07.11 and see what it does?


If it still producing the error it could be a speed under run on one of the fans or a faulty 'fcb' board. In which case phone Belgium.


We got quite a few of these units and since the latest firmware they are great and really solid reliable units! Great to use. I'm just out with 6 at the moment running a tripple stacked 2 screen blend. Projector toolset makes it so easy to use them.


Hope that helps.

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