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New touring rig

John Kennett

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I've just been sorting out a small touring rig for outdoor use, and not being a lighting person I've been learning quickly. I was browsing through the forum here looking for information about dimmers, and after following a link to their bargain basement page I had a chat with Peter Searles at AC Lighting. He was very helpful, and was able to match various prices that we had been quoted by other people, so they ended up getting the order for everything (except the desk which we already had).


I wanted to post this message to say thank you to Blue Room for pointing us in the right direction, and thank you to AC Lighting whose service has been exemplary.


For the record, and for anyone else who might be embarking on a similar project, this is what we got:


2 x Strand SD6 dimmers, flightcased and fitted with parallel Socapex sockets and 63A single phase tails

2 x 6 way Par 64 wired bars with Socapex connectors

12 x Par 64 floor cans with 16A plugs

2 x 25m Socapex cables

2 x Socapex to 16A spiders

12 x 10m 16A TRS cables

1 x 30m DMX cable

1 x 1m DMX cable

2 x Manfrotto wind up stands


The 16A connectors are black which is a really nice touch. I hadn't seen these before and didn't even know that they were available until I was offered them!



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Hi John


In case you ever after some more black 16A ceeforms, 10outof10 sell them at £2.12 for the Plug and £3.41 for the Socket... CPC also sell them but I'll be damned if I can find them on their site - there is a link somewhere in the forum but I can't find it.


They are made by Walther if it helps searching purposes.




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Thankyou Ike - I've just upgraded my browser (from Opera 7.23 to 7.50 Beta) and haven't transferred my Bookmarks across yet - but those are the ones!



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