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Mackie TT24

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Announcement supplied by: MarkPAman

Mackie TT24

Firmware & Software release 1.7.1



This build includes new firmware for the TT24, U100 card, UFXII card, and the DS3232 digital snake. Please read the the release notes and the Firmware/Software installation guide found at the above link before upgrading.

This maintenance release has over 30 enhancements and fixes so all users are recommended to upgrade.

A detailed list is provided in the release notes.



Announcement supplied by: MarkPAman

Mackie TT24

Firmware & Software release 1.7

Download Page

New Features (see TT24 Manual Addendum for details)

  • 1. FOH MON console linking supported.
    2. DS3232 Mic Pre Gain Compensation added.
    3. Complete I/O and U-Net routing added.
    4. Card channels 1-8 are now available for all users and
    can be routed from any input source. By default these
    are fed by the Tape A and B inputs and the AES/SPDIF
    5. LP48 card now supported (see the separate LP48 manual).
    6. Additional snapshot filtering added for card channels
    1-8, routing, Mic Pre, and LP48.


Bugs Fixed since version 1.5.1

  • 1. Improved reliability of U100 and DS3232 upgrades.
    2. Fixed a bug where groups with DSP did not pass audio
    after a power cycle.
    3. Fixed a bug where the “Other” filters ignored the master
    filter on/off state.
    4. Fixed a bug where the user bank was not recalled
    when loading a venue until after a power cycle.
    5. Fixed a bug where the solo button on a channel would
    incorrectly stay lit when using exclusive solo.

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