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MIDI Minidisc Player


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I'm looking for recommendations for a Minidisc player which has Midi Control (play/pause/next track) option. Does anyone know of any?


Failing that, a CD-player with Midi control (play/pause/next track) would probably do.



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I don't know of any Mini-disc/ Cd players that interface directly to MIDI. I used a MM ProductionsMidi relay controller to trigger a Tascam MD801 Mini-disc through it's remote socket. You need to do some fancy wiring to convert on to the other. It gives you 16 relay closers which will control most functions. The one we had triggered 2 x m/d and 2 x denon Dn630 cd players


Hope this helps



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Adding to the lists of alternatives to using a MIDI MD (whic of course wasn't the question you asked...)


Other than the Excelent audio box there is also SFX - which will trigger off MIDI commands.



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