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Par 56 light curtains


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Hi all

im in the middle of a project and I cant seem to find out how many DMX channels my light curtains are going to need.


the 3 types of light curtains I need to use are:

3 x Par 56 Light Curtain DHA + scrollers

3 x Par 56 Light Curtain LC9Plus + scrollers

3 x Par 56 Light Curtain Pitching


the 3 of each type are daisy chained together.


can anyone help me out??? I have tried searching the net but cant seem to find anywhere that will tell me how many DMX channels are required for each one.


Thanks in advance for any help.


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Not sure about the LC9Plus model, but the answer to the other two is documented here: DHA Manuals

(The short answer seems to be 2n + 1 for the ordinary DLC and 3n+1 for the pitching variant, n is the number of curtains. Watch out for the way the LightTalk converter maps channels, though!)





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