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M2 speakers


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I'll try and take a picture tonight when I get back from work.

The only info/badging I can find on the cabs at all is a large 'M2' painted in yellow in the bottom corner of each cab.

The bins have 2 what look like 15 inch cones with a kind of spider frame over the front and the tops are double horns.


I'll have a look for hill audio and see if the match up.

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That would be awesome.


In the rach I've got a TC electronic XO24 and I'm planning to run a camco dx12 for the tops and a dx 24 for the subs.


What I'm after really is a suggested crossover point for them, any known bad frequencies with the boxes. I could also do with the rated power handling if anyone has that. (I'd rather not kill the drivers if I can avoid it)


Oh and looking on volt's website I'd say they are definately volt drivers


Much appreciated

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