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Giotto spot 400 problems


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Hey all,


This spot 400 has a very strange issue with it's pan function.

When the unit is sitting on the ground, there is no issue at all. It responds properly and all the test sequences check out fine.

When it's hung from a truss however it will not set the pan properly. All other function run fine but on the startup when the light goes to full pan it seems to lock there with the motor trying to push it round further.

If you physically stop the unit going to full pan it will set correctly, and if you have a program running when you power the unit up it will sometimes set correctly.


The motor and sensor array have been replaced and the problem is still happening.

I've had the whole unit apart and cannot find anything wrong.


Please help as I've run out of ideas





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As it's only happening when the unit is upside down, I suggest that the problem may be Gravity.


I assume that fitting an anti-gravity device is probably out of the question!


As it's happening immediately, it doesn't sound like a heat-related issue.


The most likely cause of the problem is that something is flexing when the unit is hung upside down and interfering with the reset process.

Check the brackets for all the items around the pan tube, including wire looms, sensors, motors and belts.

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The problem is a fairly simple one, its the Pan bearing in the base that is loose or the Pan drive belt that is flexing in the wrong way.


Open the base and see how taught the belt seems if that seems ok its the bearing, a bit of a bugger to change but doable, best thing is to call up the support centre which assuming you are in the UK is the distributor Lightfactor.



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Thanks for all the help.


I've had the unit apart on both the work desk and I've had the cover off when it's been hanging.

I gave up and phoned light factor and spoke to a very nice man who took all of 30 seconds to tell me what the problem was:


Loose screws on the home sensor on the opposite side to the pan motor had allowed it to shift slightly so the unit wasn't being told it had reached the end.


Dead simple :rolleyes:

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