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help with a moving head needed pls!


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Hi we were given a futurelight MH-660 moving head which worked fine until the ceramic ignitor block (gy.9.5) burnt out and took out the bulb as well,so my friend decided to dismantle it with out really noticing what he was doing! so I've been lumbered with trying to put it back together.


So I've replaced the ceramic igniter block refitted the fan and bulb only problem is I have one green and yellow wire left, I beleive its a ground wire it starts from just to the right of the cylindrical silver ignitor on the main body judging by the length I think it attaches to some where around where the ceramic is at the back of the unit where the bulb is,my question is should there be an earth wire attached to the bottom of the ceramic?? as there is 2 nuts and bolts that hold the ceramic in place and the bolt would fit through o connector on the green wire but I'm not sure.


If anyone could help it would be great if you have an email address I could send you a few photo's any help would be great thanks :D

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