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New Pa System


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Hello Blueroom


I know this question has probably been asked before but I couldn't locate it in the archives. I have looked for about the past 3 days reading all the topics on a new pa but could find info specific to my question.


Currently I have a very poor Pa of about 60W per side :) which in its defence has served me well with the local amateur dramatics group with just running some onstage boundry mics and 6-14 radio mics for an audience of about 120 people.


I am looking to purchase a new pa and I am confused by what I should be ideally looking for (spec wise - spl, frequency range), I have looked at quite a few of the speakers listed on thomann and other websites. I have created a short list of what is in my price range of about £600 for the tops. What I am ideally hoping to do is buy some tops now and then couple them with 2 subs at a later date and use my old pa as onstage monitors. I have a desk, multicore and cable etc so it is just a case of the speaker system.


What I have found (any opinions very welcome)


2x mackie c300z passive, & thomann ta2400 amp = £590 ish


2x DB Opera 402 live £299 each


2x Auditorium 212b by studiospares & thomann amp


2x Mackie srm450 v1 - slightly over budget but possible


The system is to be used for a wide range of events with the view of hiring the kit out, some things that come to mind - conference, am dram group - panto & musical, dvd film night, piano monitors / piano & vocals, when I get the subs maybe for my dads cover band. I know it will be tough to find a system that will cover all these scenarios but I am starting to like the idea of the db opera eventually coupled to their 15" subs.


Hope I haven't left any detail out and thank you for any contribution you make



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I'd like to just suggest you add the db Technologies Basic 100 into the mix.


I have 2 Pairs and I have never had any problems with them in the 18 months I have had them.


They work well for Theatre use as thats what they are mainly used for.


I'm taking one pair to a garden party on Sat with one of the db Technologies Bass Bins to do sound for a folk band and they seem plenty for that.



Buying this now would only put you £133 over your budget for your tops and you'd have a Sub with stands and Cables.

This is the Kit I bought from Thomann.



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I'd like to just suggest you add the db Technologies Basic 100 into the mix.


I have the speakers in the picture associated with that link (I assume that the Basic 100 is the same as the Opera Lyric 110) and, while they're great for monitors for our fairly quiet band, they quickly run out of steam and I wouldn't really want to use them for FOH for anything too big - certainly not for the average rock band. I'd go with the dB Opera's in the original post for best value for money.





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I don't think subs or bass cabs will be necessary.


I will presume that your cabs are mounted to a wall or flown?

There is a company near me called CLASS D, they have a 'jac' range of loudspeaker that are really good value for money, here is a deal on 12" full range cabs and an amp, for only £449.


I have heard these and are surprisingly good, or you could go for the 15's with a bigger amp, here.


You could always add bass cabs at a later date, as all of these are 8r, some 15's here.


John Denim.

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Thanks for your replies so far.


The system needs to move from venue to venue with the possibility of the tops being able to fly at some point (don't know when but planning for the future), what I wanted to create was a system that is customizable for each event for example if I do a conference just send the tops for a full rock band the subs and tops.


The system needs to be of a standard that is resonable to send out on hire for a conference, am dram etc, as I sent my 120W system (carlsbro amp and idex100 speakers) out the other day for a movie showing feeling that it probably was a bit pathetic although there were only 12 people there so it might have been an overkill.


Hope this helps with any further queries



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