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Live video projection with Blue Screen


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I could really do with some help as an almost total amatuer in the field of video...


I would like to set up an installation which involves filming a performer infront of a blue screen, whilst simultaneously projecting their image onto a wall with another image behind them. What software do I need to do this? Are there any quick and easy ways of doing this? Is there any free software available to it?


Any help and advice would be much appreciated!!


Many thanks.



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Possibly the simplest way of achieving this is to use a vision mixer with a chroma key facility, rather than software. You can then take your output live to a projector or screen.


Which mixer to use depends on budget I guess, but chroma key is chroma key, the better the mixer the better the key although you can achieve the effect quite well even with a Panasonic MX50, although you will be limited to composite video and its associated poorer quality.


For chroma key to be a success you need to select a key colour that works for your subject, for example, if your subject is wearing blue, then blue screen isn't going to work, with your background replacing any blue portions of your subject which are blue.


Also its important to try and eliminate shadows in your blue screen set up, or you wont get a clean edge to your key.


Once you have your blue screen set up ready, and your background into the mixer its generally quite simple to set up your key and have the composited ready to pass onto your record or screens.


Here is a useful wiki link which explains it in brief.


Wiki Link


Hope this helps



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