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The Big Chill 2008


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I don't know who ran the sound or anything, just wanted to say what a great festival the big chill is! I didn't go this year, but its always top notch, great artists, great production and I love the way that all the artists are encouraged to bring a visual element to their shows!


Unfortunately I was at a wedding, where the DJ's speakers most definetely did hurt my ears, even though it wasn't particularly loud. I'm sure its not just me, but I really value my ears, and it really f**ks me off when people get paid good money to turn up to events like this and proceed to damage everyones hearing in the venue! Having spoken to people the next day, it seems that most people think its completely normal to have your ears ringing after listening to a DJ for a few hours at a moderate volume.


Anyway, rant over, will definitely try and go to the big chill next year!

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Yeah the visual shows are amazing too, but Tom Middleton played a set "taking us through twenty years of acid-house" and I swear that the video was promoting MDMA hahah!


You missed a good one DangerMouse!

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