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Mac 2000 - HTER


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So my saga of the Mac 2000's continues.


I have one Mac that works just fine but is perpetually flashing a "HTER" which I know means the head temperature sensor is malfunctioning.


I swapped out the 3 sensors around the lamp but still get the error.


The error is not there when the covers are off and all the fans are working properly. So... I'm really not sure about this one.

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This is a real stab in the dark but: have you checked the inlet filters for debris etc. It sounds like the fans are getting enough air when the covers are off, but when you close the covers (forcing airflow from the inlets) the fans get insufficient air. Also, the same applies for the outlets as the hot air might not be able to escape.


Also, the 2ks have a metal airflow shaft from the fans at the top (in the centre), are they intact (I cant remember if this is on both sides)? If not the air might not be getting to the right places.


I am assuming these are profiles.

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