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Hi Guys,


I'm working at a unit that runs the Martin LightJockey Control Software and am having the following problems....


The venue has a seating area and a bar area that are both lit by RGB Led Cans and the brief is to light both areas with similar colours but different fade rates....


i.e. If the seating area has flashing red cans then the bar must have red cans but static, if the seating area has flashing blue cans the bar must have statuc blue cans...etc etc


Obviously programming the scenes / sequences is simple enough but when I come to combining them into a cue to execute the Bar Sequence and Seating Sequence in unison I am not seeing the desired results....


The Bar Cans will flash and the Seating Areas either remain static or stay OFF altogether, If I am running a colour chase on the Seating Area the results become even more unexpected.


I remember reading somewhere that LightJockey executes sequences in a Cue List from Bottom to Top and the Highest factor in each variable, ie Shutters, RGB etc takes presidence, however my sequences refer to scenes that address fixtures each individually adressed and there is no group selection....So my question is this....


Am I Doing something wrong??!!


If my sequences are both reffering to "Dimmer" channels or "Colour" Channels, even though on seperate addresses, will this affect the Cues' output or cause a conflict?? Or am I missing something much simpler than this??


I am back in the unit tomorrow so any late night guidnace will be much appreciated!!




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