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Foldback upgrade advice required


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Hi all


As I've mentioned before, our drummer has switched from acoustic drums to electronic. We've sorted out his monitoring and FOH but still have an issue with the band's on stage monitoring not being quite loud enough. Other guitarists will know what I mean when I say that there is a "sweet spot" for volume with rock electric guitar, too loud and you get uncontrolled feedback, too quiet and it just doesn't work at all.


This is where we are with our JBL ER105 monitors. Putting the drums through them, we just can't get it quite loud enough to be comfortable.


I had thought about just upgrading the bass driver in the JBLs - The JBL driver is rated at 250w RMS, 900W program although it has been said to me that in reality it would never stand that sort of thrashing. Perhaps a more sensitive (> 100db at 1w/1m, 600w RMS or similar) driver might help?


We use a TA2400 to power the monitors.


Other than that what stage monitors would you guys recommend ?



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How many monitors do you have?


Do you have a budget for new ones?


Hi Rob


We have 2 x JBL ER105s and 2 x 12" wedges with 500W Eminence drivers + piezos (yuk).


As for budget, I don't have any figure in mind at the moment. Secondhand would be the way forward I'd imagine ?



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Dont be so sure about secondhand. You're seem to be looking for high output, reasonably priced 15" monitors. For this application, I like the yamaha SM15. They're pretty well behaved, and are very loud and cheap. If you wanted to look at other options you could try the turbo TXD15M in biamped mode (tho I find our TXD 12Ms to be really 'bass light') or perhaps some second hand martin LE400s.


I'd have to say though, don't totally discount in ears for this application.



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