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BNC PINS and Equipment Labels


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I am after the crimps pins that go in rg59 BNCs, I always end up with loads of BNC but run out of pins, Can you buy the pins on there own?


Looked on CPC can't find them.


Also I'm after equipment stickers to identify all my kit. Anyone recommend anywhere?


Thanks in advance....

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Can't help with the BNC pins.


I use Avery heavy duty silver laser labels on my stuff. Available in a range of sizes and seem to stick pretty well to most things. I got them from Viking, but they're probably available from most big office supplies type places.

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Those centre pins are for Canford 48-704 (it also says 48-703, but this stock code doesn't seem to exist anymore), which is a BNC for cable group B (PSF1/3 etc). RG59 is cable group Q.

They might work with group Q BNCs or group Q cable, but then again, they might not.


The only one that I can find in Canford for group Q are these, but again, they might not work with other brands of BNC, other than Canare.

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