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Peavey QF131 Issues, Help!


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Hi Guys

After hearing good reports about the Peavey QF131 31-Band GEQ I went out and bought one, its been excellent for the short time I've had it but today there was a major failure.


First thing I noticed was the Feedback Detection System telling me that there was feedback at 40hz. I found that strange as there was no signal going through the system at the time. When I moved the 40hz fader to the bottom suddenly the signal meter maxed out and lots of fuzz came through the system. Now, the 40hz fader seems to control the whole mix (ie, its acting as a master fader, when I cut 40hz the whole mix is cut).


I decided to remove it from the rack and with the PC I ran a 20hz to 20kHz log sweep through the unit and the 40hz LED lit up but none of the others did. This has never happened before and nothing I can see happened to cause it. It just happened when the system was idling!


Anyway, with a number of major events next week I'm getting worried. Does anyone have any insight on the cause and a solution?




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Is the unit under warranty? I've heard mixed reports about after sales service with Peavey but mostly positive. Failing that it really needs to be sent to them or someone else who can take it apart and try and work out whats gone wrong.


In the meatime, contact your local hire companies and hire a replacement for the week. It's not going to cost a fortune for an EQ for a week or so. My DN360's are £10 a day and Scotland is usually pretty cheap so it's not going to break the bank.




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