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Pa system for 1000 people Covers bands


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Hi Guys,


Hope you can help me on this one.


We have just invested in some turbosound aspect gear.


But have not had the chance to try it out yet in a real scenario, so have no gauge of what its capable of


Although we have got 3 bookings within the next month I need to quote my client now.


I am wondering how many TSW 218's and TA500DP's you would have to use to service a crowd of 1000 people outside.


its for cover bands, namely queen and the beachboys


Hope you can help me!





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From experience. If it is not a particularly wide area to cover then there is absolutely no reason why 2 tops and 2 subs per side won't cover that sort of program material easily. The key is to point and shoot. Make sure your tops cover the audience, not just the front few rows, and not just the back few rows and the low flying aircraft. It's not easy with these boxes as they're big so without suitable hardware you can't really angle up and down safely.


I've done more people for harder music with 1 stack per side (they weren't DP's but the same principle applies), so providing you don't have an area only 20m deep but 80m wide to cover, your current setup may be ok.


Don't expect 120dB at 50m, but then again, you can't get your boxes high enough to allow you to do this anyway (not without melting the front row).




Anyone that tells you you need lots and lots and lots of gear is simply wrong. It's what you do with it that counts.

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We dont have any flying equipment and are not too sure wehther we will be purchasing before the event.


So the tops will be put directly on top of the bass bins, which I think stands at around 9' tall.


I Imagine the area is going to be deeper rather than wider... so potentailly I can get away with the 2 stack a side scenario.




Shame we only own 2 stacks <_<


Gonna be quiet at the back! Thats where ill stand, I hate it when its too loud!


Ive PM'd you rob.

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To add to the good advice given above, don't be afraid to put in either fills or delays to enable better coverage. It's not that hard to do right, and it would mean that you could use some of your existing TXD hire inventory, without having to sub in extra aspect wide. It's funny isn't it that aspect wide really isn't that wide at all! Also obviously don't be afraid to sit down with some graph paper and work out dispersion angles! And if it's a really important gig for your company, it might pay to subhire 2 stacks in and make sure that the client has an A* service from you, rather than 'making do'.



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50 degrees is wide for a point source box. If you want something 90x40 then a smaller reflex box is what you're after. But then there is less control over the sound, or rather the control is not there at as low a frequency as you can get with horn loading the drivers. You'll also struggle to find one that will give you the spl you require.


Your ta500's being the powered versions make it a bit fiddly to work with for subhire purposes. It might be easier and more flexible for you to hire in 4 stacks and find another job for yours to do on those dates, it all comes down to budget.

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Well ive sent the quote, Rob thank you for the info you PM'd me.


We will no doubt chat about more of this in the future (Work pending <_< )


And thanks to everyone for giving me an idea of what do do


I have quoted the client on a Aspect stack per side with a TXD (2 x 15", 4 x 18") Delay stack per side about 30m - 40m back which is next to the mixing desk


Unsure of wether to put the TXD's in the middle and face them outwards or to have them on the outside facing inwards.. Cabling and safety says middle ;)


Matt, couldnt agree more. We try never to make do, every gig is important as the next, we will most likely have another 6 or so on that day too. Another 40hr working weekend! at least its next july!


I have time to prepare and get the redbull in




Or pay staff :rolleyes:

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