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Midi tracks


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Ok, this might be another you cant un-bake a cake thing, but with MIDI being a digital thing it may be different,


I have a fair few midi tracks some have each instrument in its own track so I can change the instrument/overall mix etc, however some havebeen "MIDI Mixed" into one, so what I have is what I got.


is there any way of seperating these various midi parts? so I can then re-mix it to suit purpous, or not.


Im still relativly new to midi, but getting there.


Oh the sofware I hae access to is Sibelius, Cubase SX, and SX4

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If your midi file has each instrument playing a different sound, then you don't have a problem at all - MIDI has a type 0 or type 1 format. In one, all midi channels are merged, in the other they are separate.


Sibelius is a great score writer, but it is NOT a sequencer, so open Cubase. Left click on the merged track, it goes black. Then got to the menu bar, select MIDI, go down to 'disolve part'. When you select it you get a choice of tracks or pitches - you DON'T want pitches. This will extract out the one merged track into however many real ones there are. Warning - the merged track is still there and will try to play - so once you've made sure the new ones are really there, delete or mute it.


That's it. Once you have done this, you are away!

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