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Unfortunately the ML 24 doesn't at this time offer Move On Dark - however you can program your moves yourself quite easily using palettes. Let me know if you'd like me to explain the process.


Hope this helps,




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Hi Josh


The easiest way is to do the following stages. I'm imaginging a simplistic scenario here - obviously you may have more complex cue lists, so you may have to adapt it to your scenario.


Q1 - Lights in Red, Upstage

Q2 - Blackout / Scene Change

Q3 - Lights in Green, Downstage


The three cues above would be programmed as normal, with the positions and colours programmed to reference palettes (the LCD above the wheels displaying P1, for example, instead of a DMX value)


In Q1... Fixture 1 @ Position P1, Colour P1, @ Full

Q2... Fixture 1 @ 0%, Position P1, Colour P1

Q3... Fixture 1 @ Position P2, Colour P2, @ Full


You need then to add another cue in, after Q2... Call it Q2.5 (select Q2 and press Insert, then use the arrow keys to select Q 2.5)


Q2.5... Fixture 1 @ 0%, Position P2, Colour P2


Then when you run back your show, the following happens...


Q1... Fixture Upstage, In Red, At Full

Q2.... Fixture fades out (stays where it is, stays in the same colour)

Q2.5... Fixture moves to the new position and colour, still in blackout

Q3... Fixture Fades up


As the desk does not have a follow-on cue function, you have to manually trigger Q2.5 after you've triggered Q2.... I tend to label the cues as something obvious like "====MOVEONDARK====" so that I know not to expect something to happen when I press GO.


Hope this helps, and that you can see how this applies to a larger scale show. Essentially this is the way that huge west end shows preset their fixtures, it just scales up from the relatively simple principle. All that the Auto Move On Dark function on various desks is doing is automating the Q2.5 bit.


Hope this helps,




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