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I usually wouldn't post such a software specific quetion here, but I'm drawing blanks everywhere else. I've set up a cue list in QLab which runs the show I'm doing just fine. I'm now trying to insert cues that will allow me to play a list of files at the start of the show and during the interval. Neither of these time periods are exact, so I need to be able to just hit GO when it's time to start the show propper/end the interval and have the cue list stop playing the interval music and line up the next cue.


I've tried using groups for this, but it seems that it either wants you to manually go through each cue in the group list or plays them all at once, with no provision for just platying the tracks in the group back to back then stopping the entire group and moving back in to the main cue list when you hit go.


Am I missing something fundamental here, or is this not possible with the software in question.


Sorry for the rambling post, but hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on this.




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Problem solved (in a roundabout sort of way). Why is it as soon as you ask for help a solution presents itself to you! I'd still be interested if there's a more streamlined way of doing it though.

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The way I believe you would do this (although I haven't ever done it myself) is to set up a second cuelist in your qLab workspace (in the same file), you can then set a go and stop cue for that cuelist which is in your main cue list, and off you go.


There is a very good qlab email list which I have found useful for this sort of question (not that I want to drive you away from here of course) - there is a link on the qlab website.


Hope that helps



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Thanks for all the help guys. In the end I set up a new cue list with the tracks I wanted and manually added in the track lengths on the post wait and told it to auto continue. It's a little annoying because it doesn't alow me to quickly add in a set of tracks without faffing around manually inputting track lengths, to avoid it playing them all at once.
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