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Finding local people...


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Okay so here goes.


I'm into live & studio sound in a big way considering my age (17), and my school already uses a lot of my own kit, and asks me to record stuff for them and do live sound even though they have dedicated people to do it. I've been building up my own supply of kit for a while and reckon I now have verging on enough to start doing proper small-scale gigs. I'm also into music in a big way and I've noticed that generally bands under the 20 or so age can be very good indeed, but often tend to get by without any kind of PA system or soundguy. Of the bands I know, most of them seem very interested when I mention to them about me doing sound for them and also supplying all the PA kit, however I can't really do it all by myself.


To draw this to a conclusion, I was wondering if anybody had any tips when it comes to finding people my kinda age who are into the same kinda thing I am and local (Bath, if it matters).

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Your going to find people like you at exactly the places you hang out! Gigs, music college, local guitar/music technology store ect. and of course the virtual world of myspace etc. Talking to people who are actually involved in the shows and offering to help is a good place to start.


Most young bands I know would love to have someone do there sound provide the pa ect for free, asking them to contribute to this is another matter.


Good luck

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