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Nightclub projections


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I've been asked to look at projecting geometric shapes on to the background for a nightclub PA (public appearance) and also on to the singer herself.


What would be the ideal set up for this? I'm guessing laptop>projector. If so, what lumens would be required? And would you use a particular piece of software on the laptop? Or would you go with a moving head lamp?


Any ideas gratefully recieved.



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you could go for a couple of moving lights

if it's just shapes you want to project.


it would probably give you more flexibility

regarding brightness


a projector may not be ideal as they project a square

image, you mask off with black but you still get some light




it all depends on what shapes you need to project


if it's just triangles squares etc. use a couple of mac 250's or the like.

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Thanks Jason,


I think that a projector will be too static and uninspiring for a nightclub crowd. As it's for a PA, which will probably only last about half an hour or something, I'm wondering about hiring in a couple of moving heads and a mini desk maybe. Am I opening a whole can of worms here? :)

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Have you talked to the performer yet to find out what they're expecting? They may have a DVD or some other source of their own visuals that they want shown. If they've specified a projector on their rider there's probably a good reason for it!
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