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Fat Frog (again)


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Hello Everyone,


We're back with another question about the zero 88 fat frog. Everyone here was very helpful, and helped us out a great deal last time, so thanks to everyone who responded.


We've now managed to programme in a couple of Mac 500's and some LED uplighters. We can save them to their own submasters, but when the Mac's are running and we turn the uplighters on, the Mac's go back to their 'home' position. How do we get around this? Basically, we'd like for each submaster to turn on and off independantly of eachother. Is this possible?


Thanks in advance.


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Hi Damien


You need to change the desk to run in "partial" mode.


This allows you to select which of the fixtures you want to program into each submaster/memory.


See the manual for more details!





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Once the desk is in partial mode try re-programming the LED uplighters submasters again but make sure that the MACs aren't tagged. This should mean that the MACs aren't recorded into the submaster so it shouldn't be affected.


If this doesn't work there is one other trick I know. If the LEDs are patched as dimmer channels on the normal faders, on the submaster set the LTP trigger to 100% This way, the MACs won't be triggered to move to HOME until the fader hits 100% so make sure that when you use the submaster you don't put the fader up to 100% but fractionally lower.

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