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Roland digisnake with a Yamaha Ls9 16


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Hi there


Anyone who knows if there is an option on the way from any company so its possible to use a Roland digisnake system (1608) with my Yamaha Ls9 16 without using the foh box (0816) and maybe get the signals directly in to the my slot ???


Or maybe a simmerlar system wich can e used with 16 inputs and maybe 8 - 16 outputs !


hope to her some good things from You guys !


Best Regards


BC Produktion.

Brian Chopart.


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I doubt the LS9 uses REAC or whatever the roland system uses, and I dont think the FoH box has digital cards yet, either!


I think the yamaha AD8HR preamps are your best bet, which iirc interface directly with the LS9.

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