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Maxim MP Lighting Desk


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We are on the count down for a tech rehearsal on Sunday and I have some managed to wipe all the patches from this desk! We have 8 movers (Robe 250 spots and washes) which I have reset to stand alone units, each with their own DMX address (50, 100 etc). The problem is now that the dimmer packs which have the generic lights now won't work. The Demux DMX address is 13 and therefore I thought I would be able to patch the F/A keys for the generic lights but it won't let me.... very frustrating and running out of time!!!


Can anyone please help me?





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Hi there, Welcome to the BR.


First things first, you say

the dimmer packs which have the generic lights now don't work
and then go on to talk about addressing. I'm a bit confused, I would check that the actual dimmers work, put them on test and see if lanterns come up.


What dimmers are you using?


Having established that the dimmers physically work and everything is addressed as it should be (demux and the softpatch on desk) and they still aren't responding to the desk you should check all the control cable runs.


Either way it's always a good idea to do an idiot check on everything, even the best people make mistakes.




Apologies if that makes no sense. If you give us some more info on your setup, I, or some of my learned brethren, might be able to give more useful advice.

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