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Romania Appeal

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Dear All,

For a few years, I have been involved with fundraising for an interesting project in Romania. This year, possibly in November, I will be able to go there to install a small lighting and sound system, in what used to be a disco. It went bankrupt some years ago, and all of the kit, except Trussing and cabling was removed. On the back wall, a fantastic painting remains, which will apparently change with UV light.

It is planned to turn 2/3 of the oddly shaped, but vast (was 1,600 capacity) venue into an orphanage with accomidation, Library, IT and play areas. The central section will remain a venue, where they make and play their own instruments, perform plays, and learn life skills. When I visit, we shall be making the lighting for the various rooms and stages (including an outdoor courtyard). This is were I am asking for help. Is there anything lurking in your venue/raven store, that will simply never be used, but could be by us, and that you would be willing to donate? (eg. Safety Chains, domestic lamp holders, bits of dimmers, speakers)

Please contact me if you think you can help, in any way.

Thank you,

Robert Oxlade, on behalf of:


Rainbow Circle Association,

Asociatia Cercul Curcubeului,

Anglo Romanian Charitable Trust,

Reg. No. 5/A/2002 (Registered Charity in Romania)

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