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Futurelight... yeah, I know...


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Hei Guys,


need some help with this.


Moving Head Futurelight MH-860 does not open shutter when ordered.

Rough moving...it opens.

Standing still and I hit the head, it opens too, but just for a few seconds, then shutter starts slightly vibrating until it shuts close again...'till the next hit...

Unfortunately not practible during the Show!


Yes it's old and has never been State of the Art, but it's clean, and still movin'...

Just to mention it: The other 25 just work fine.


Any suggestions? Anybody?


Yours sincerely!




Moderation: Moved to Lighting as it might get a better response there.

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Not being familiar with the FL series, does the head have its own test sequence? if so, try it, if the shutter opens on that, then the heads not the problem and the signal flow is. if it doesnt open, then it is the head
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Sounds like a driver IC or a dead motor, does the motor offer up resistance when you try and pull the blade manually with the fixture booted?


If you can power the motor from another effect output on the board then do that, remember that if you plug it into a colour wheel slot then the shutter will try and rotate during homing, perhaps move the colour wheel indexing magnet under the sensor so it doens't move during boot up. Then carefully move the colour channel and see if the shutter moves, that would discount the motor.

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