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Trantec S4.16


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The Am-Dram Group I help with are in dire need of some new Lapel Radio Mics.


We currently have 3 Trantec S3.2's which are starting to fail rapidly. We've had 2 fail in completely differently ways over the last week and the 3rd isn't far behind. We have had these mics for the last 5 years and they have been used for 15 show weeks a piece.


From what I have read and experienced within the company I have chosen to go with the Trantec S4.16's for the following reasons

  • External Antennas (for future expansion with an ADU)
  • Selectable frequencies outside of Ch.70 (for when we want more mics in the future*)
  • Rack Mountable (again for future expansion)
  • 3.5mm Locking Jacks (for those excellent CPC headset mics)
  • £200 cheaper than the EW100 G2's (IMO the only alternative with all the above features)


We already have the Hard cases for the current mics and these will also be used with the new mics when we get them.


My question is does anyone have any real world experience with them?


Also if the opinions are bad does anyone have any other recommendations for the same price (£210 Inc Vat from CPC)






* We are doing Oliver next year and were looking at buying 2 more mics anyway bringing the total count up to 5.

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I have 2 S4.15s, the old version with the LCD screen etc on them, and have had no problems, these are the same mics as the 4.16 but only have 4 frequencies (the 4.16 didnt exist when I got mine) had them about 3 years.


I dont know if the new beltpacks have them, but apparently the LCD screen on the packs are a weak-spot, if they break the beltpack just wont work.

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The older curved body, LCD Trantecs have a few small wear and tear issues.


The LCD does have a tendency to start to lose segments of the display, making frequency read out quite difficult. This doesn't normally stop them being used, just difficult to change channels on. The mic socket works loose. You need to open them up, remove the daughter board and re-tighten - not that difficult. The battery terminal develops a dry joint, cutting out on some brands of battery as they are just a fraction too big. Again, easily fixed. One important thing is that some of the packs are supplied on license exempt channels and have a inhibit that stops them being reprogrammed, so if you break a pack, don't be tempted (like I was) to buy the £20 cheaper version, intending to reprogram them - it doesn't work. I suspect it's a solder pad inhibit, rather than a clever programming one.

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I suspect it's a solder pad inhibit, rather than a clever programming one.


I'm not too sure about that. I bought the 4 channel versions programmed with 2 chan 70 and 2 chan 69 from a well known and very helpful Northern supplier. A few months later I ordered 2 more to spread further into chan 69 to be told that the supplier had been given new software by Trantec and this would not allow the 4 channel version to be programmed with chan 69. I found no trace of a solder link! It was purely a commercial decision as the spec for the 4 channel model is exactly the same as the 16 channel. It is easy enough to bar facilities per model in software. Several major communications radio suppliers operate in this way. I was naturally disapointed as I thought I would be able to operate on 14 x chan 69 for around half the cost. Now of course the competition has hotted up and we have the 4.16 version which does exactly what I wanted at a very low price. It is not too difficult to change the displays if you can use a soldering iron and at around £20 not the end of the world.


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Further to Brian's comment - I did hear a rumour that there is a different version of the programming software that allows access to other functions? This makes sense, but I have no solid info. With many other makes having a fully tunable up/down method of programming, the Trantec pre-set channel system is a bit user unfriendly.
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I used the 4.16s a couple of months ago and they were relatively good.




we broke loads of the antennas because of a very active dance routines.


also we found that the signal dropped all of a sudden and then returned about 5 secs later if recievers were not on stage.


overall not bad for cost. :angry:

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