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how much stuff have you had stolen?


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It seems the rule is - if somebody finishes up with your kit they're thieving toe-rags, if you finish up with somebody else's kit that's fair game! <_<
We have a huge bin at work filled with other peoples gear. The situation usually goes something like this, punter returns gear to warehouse after hire, I start cheacking it off, hmm, too much 10m XLR's here. I sort throug the pile and find one without our markings on, 'excuse me sir, I belive this is one of your cables,' "no its not" they normally reply. " Well it dosent belong to us, as its not marked" "well I dont want it if its not mine either" I usually get back. So it gets chucked in the bin.


However its the marked ones I dont get. A guy brought back some gear the other day with two extra SM57's. These were engraved with the name of a local college. The guy said they wernt theres, fair enough hes probably a student being roped into returning gear, he wont have a clue. However when I rang the college the next morning, they denied evey loosing any! That was a month ago and there still sitting in that bin!


When I worked in house at a hotel we used to spend a lot of time trying to return other peoples stuff it always suprised me how much of it is not marked in any useful way. I remember a plasma from a german company that just had one 1 cm logo on the back even with that it took one of the german hotel staff to decipher it we could never have got that back without help.


The best one we had though was a projector from a small company who cant own more than a few and who completly denied it was theirs despite a very obvious and very large logo it went on until we sent them a picture of it, did they think we were making it up just for the sake of it?


(sorry if there are any spelling errors the checker does not seem to be working on my computer today and I need to reinstall office)

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Recently all of our quad spanners have disappeared, about 5 in the last two or three months, as have all of our AJs. We've been left with a couple of ratchet spanners and a podger / ratchet, which really is rather less than convenient when putting up steal deck / turning the pit. On the upside we've gained a 16a trelco, a bucket load of safety bonds (I'm pretty sure we have two or three Gradav ones up in the grid... though they're from various places) and a Par 56 (don't get how that was left there, we only have 64s, it sticks out a mile).


Biggest theft problem we've had though is lead from the roof, on two occasions people have hoped the fence, climbed up the side of the building and nicked the lead. Weird, considering last time they did it we had a £20k PA and about 10 assorted macs (250s / 550s iirc) sitting in our scene dock, neatly flightcased up and ready to roll.

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Biggest theft problem we've had though is lead from the roof...
In that case you'll probably be glad to know the price of scrap lead has plummeted recently and a few scrap dealers are now refusing to touch the stuff thanks to long overdue police crack downs. Copper's still on the up mind so you still need to keep an eye on those cables!
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