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Stopping a strobing MAC500


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Hi all,


(Not sure if this should be here or Next Gen, seeing as it was in a school.)


Right, this is something I've wondered recently, regarding a production I LD'd in December. We used 4 MAC500s for the production, and during it they were on random strobe. All looked good, until they stopped strobing. Instead of just stopping or fading out, as I'd hoped, they flickered a bit, went to full open, and then snapped shut. At the time, there wasn't enough time to figure this out and change it, but it's been niggling me ever since. Any ideas how to stop this??


The desk was a FatFrog by the way...





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At first sight, it sounds a little bit as you faded down the shutter channel instead of snapping it to the closed value. When you look into the DMX Chart of the MAC 500, you'll see that on the shutter channel between closed and random strobe are some more shutter functions.

So if you want to stop this behaviour just let the shutter snap in 0s to open or closed.

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Just forgot to say, LTP was set to 0, but Fade Down was set to 3s


If you want to fade out a shutter effect, let the shutter channel unchanged, but let the dimmer channel fade down to 0%. Then in the next step let the shutter channel snap (means fade time 0s) to open. If you just want to change directly to open or closed snap the shutter channel to open/closed without any fade time.

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