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Hi guys,


I have a job in Wokingham, Berkshire on Sunday 1st June and I am waiting on a couple of extra bits of kit I have ordered from Thomann in Germany.


Because of the bank holiday in Germany on Thursday last week there has been a delay which means I may not get the kit in time.


I need an active monitor speaker and two DI boxes and I will need any adapters to be able to send signal to the monitor from the 1/4" Mono AUX output on my desk. The problem is I won't know if my kit is not going to arrive from Thomann until Friday afternoon. Does anyone know anyone who is either local to Wokingham or is on the way between London and that bit of the world (i.e. along the M40 / M4) who would be happy to hire at that short notice and would be open on Saturday for me to collect?


Thank you!




P.S. Just realized I should have put the location in the topic description. Apologies.

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