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Frequency of Various Instruments


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Can anyone please give me a quick run down on frequecies. IE. I heard our sound guy say that he was going to change the eq around the 6kilohertz (I think it was 6kh) because I asked him if we could have the sound with a bit more treble and clarity.


Can you tell me for example... what frequecy the bass, mid and high is please? (I know its on a scale with bass at one end and treble at the other, but just a rough estimate of values please.)






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Rather than type out a long message, THIS CHART may give you an overview. It's aimed at recording but pretty much holds true for live work as well.


I've deliberately avoided the part of your question about "bass" "mid" and "treble" because, although they can be useful shorthand, in the real world there is a lot of overlap. Even on items you think of as "bass" (say a kick drum) the "thump" part of the sound is bass but the "click" at the beginning that gives it the necessary attack is up in the mids. Most instruments and voices span a wider range of frequencies than you would expect.



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