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where to buy sm58's


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Hi Rob


To be honest prices on these change pretty frequently, unless someone has bought some in the last couple of weeks it's advisable to check all the usual places:

Thomman, SS, Dolphin, Bonza, GAK, Studiocare etc.

Search the net but only use companies that you have a concrete postal address for and are established. There are many copies around.



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I've bought most of my stuff from studiospares in the past and I've always been happy with it. While I'd search around reputable suppliers, I'd be careful about searching around too much especially in places you don't know simply because there's so many fake ones around!
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Surely the question is why buy a SM 58 when y ou can buy a EV EV N/D267a

3 Year Warranty, drop proof and a much better sounding microphone?


Oh and cheaper !


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