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Small Band Rig


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really simple question - will 8 x Thomann Par56 LED fixtures for washes and a set of 4 colour changes for eye candy running from a Behringer LC2412 still do the job of lighting a small rock band playing pub gigs on a budget or are there newer/better things on the market that I should be considering in the same price range?


I have used the above (minus colour changers) so know the limitations of the desk etc but I have the opportunity of purchasing the cans/stands/controller from a former band for my current project and would appreciate advice from those more in the know!


Thanks in advance





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In short - yes they do the job and yes there are better things out there.


It really depends on whatyou need it to do - if it's the same job for a different band thn they're a good start. Also depends what price they're being offered for.




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Place the par cans at the back of the stage... this is the only way you can get a decent effect out of they maybe put the colour changers at the front of the stage pointing onto the band themselves. You could do with maybe investing into a better controller, because they are quite difficult to control and get your head around and also you can get a one which you can creat chases and things between all the fixtures.. but its up to you.. if you like it then keep it.



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