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Betapacks 2


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Hi guys did a search and couldn't find anything.



This is probably a stupid question, but do the Betapack 2's by zero 88 actually have set DMX addresses, or do they just take the first 6 consecutive channels available. I would have thought they MUST be addressed but I just can't find where! I downloaded the manual and had a look and looked on the front of the dimmers today but couldn't see anything.


The only place I can think of would be under the plate where the tester switch adjustements are.



Thanks for the help






Moderation: Moved to "The Next Generation" because this is a query from a school age member and on a pretty basic topic. Note that a single Google found an online manual for the Betapack 2 HERE.

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As above Tom.

If they're the Beta2s I think you're talking about then I have addressed them many times, and last time I was there the cover plates were all intact.


Remove them (and put them somewhere safe) then adjust the rotary controls to set DMX (each wheel sets a digit).


The cover plates are on the right of the unit, beyond the fuses/MCBs; underneath the DMX connectors I think.

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